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Mar 23

5 Ways To Make The Best Use Of Your Productivity Network

By Stanley Fairley | Productivity Network

So you decided to make the jump and start using Productivity Network to improve your work, but you are not sure exactly where to start and how to best use this new tool you have available to you. Here are some tips that can help you make those first steps:

1 Devide the Work

This is probably the reason you chose to use Productivity Network. It will allow you to assign each person on your team an individual task they should do. This way, it is much easier to know who has what to do, and you don’t have to worry someone misheard you and doesn’t know what his task is. You can even make smaller teams in your group and assign them specific tasks to do as a group on top of individual tasks you already gave them. This makes for a good group dynamic where everyone knows exactly what their job is.

2 Permissions Levels are your friend

Permissions Levels are your friend

Sometimes it can be overwhelming to oversee many different tasks during one of your big projects. This is where you should use different levels of permission. You can divide your team into smaller groups with a person responsible for each group. You can give a person in charge higher permission level so he can oversee what people in his group are doing. This way, you still have control over the project but there are a fewer thing to worry about.

3 Make use of notes

When assigning tasks to your users, you can leave different notes on what has to be done and how. This can have a big impact on overall productivity of your team because your work your users do will be more focused and prices. Encourage your team to do the same when finishing their projects. This will greatly help if someone needs to take over in the middle of the project, or simply wants to overview the work done for future references. It helps clear up what was done, and why it was done. The team that better understands each other is the team who works better.

4 Set deadlines

Maybe the most convenient part of Productivity Networks is the ability to set deadlines for specific tasks. Each part of the project can have different deadline set (if you maybe need more time to overview some part of the project). This helps your team prioritize the most important tasks and they can have some general sense of time when working on big projects.

5 Always use task summary

Task summary is a useful tool that enables you to have a complite overview of all tasks, completed, updated or still in progress. It is an amazing way to keep up with many different things that have to be done during your projects, and with it, you will be sure you haven’t missed anything.